Stealthily located a 100 year old house in a private location of idyllic Mill Valley, CA is one of the most heard yet least seen recording studios anywhere, Scott Mathews' TikiTown. It features a huge collection of all kinds of vintage and new instruments including; a Steinway Baby Grand piano, a 1955 Hammond w/ Leslie speaker, a 1958 Wurlitzer electric piano, a 1977 Fender Rhodes, tons of electric and acoustic guitars and basses from the late 40's to today, a bunch of amazing amps from the early 60's to today, a room full of drums from the 50's to brand new custom built kits, and much too much more to list.  Our rooms and recording spaces are incredible and get sounds that range from huge to intimate. 


The vaults contain collection of vintage and new microphones and pre-amps goes back to the 40's up to now.  We keep up on all kinds of state of the art recording gear but perhaps most importantly, the vibe at TikiTown is the meat of the matter and the secret sauce.  Everyone always comments on the walls as they are covered with gold and platinum awards that shine and inspire performances to do the same. TikiTown truly has to be seen and/or heard to believe it. 

Everything inside TikiTown is made available at no extra cost to our artists, soup to nuts.

Mill Valley is a small village, ranked in the top 10 "100 Best Places to Live in the United States" by CNN & Money magazine, as well as is on the list MSN and Forbes magazines' "Most expensive zip codes in America". Besides it's stunning beauty and close proximity to San Francisco (on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge), Mill Valley is known as a major music mecca in the Bay Area with a strong and vital artistic heritage in all forms of the arts.